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GAME Controller er den sjove retro gaming tilbehør til BBC microbit. GAME Controller er designet til at være en all in one gaming platform hvor man bruger MICRO:BIT egne LED.

Den har indbygget lyd, 4 x retningsbestemmende knapper, 2 skydeknapper, haptic feedback og breakout punkter så flere knapper eller I2C tilbehør kan tilkobles. Alle disse er programmerbare. Der er også et breakout punkt så man kan tilkoble en større LED skærm.

Her er der link til mange undervisningsforløb med Game Pad. LINK

Pong Game Link

Snake Game Link

The Kitronik :GAME Controller for the BBC micro:bit is a retro gaming accessory for the BBC microbit. It is a programmable gamepad-style controller enabling a better gaming experience on the micro:bit itself, or the ability to control other devices over micro:bit radio.

The :GAME Controller is similar in design and features to the the :GAME ZIP 64, only without the ZIP LED screen. This offers great value if the micro:bits own LED matrix is sufficient for the game or when it will be used to control other devices such as robots and buggies. It will also be much lighter on power consumption than its larger/older sibling.

It features on-board sound, 4 x directional buttons, 2 fire buttons, haptic feedback, and breakout points so shoulder buttons can be added. All of these features are fully programmable. The board is powered by two AA batteries, which also power the attached micro:bit.

The micro:bit connects to the board via the Edge Connector on the :GAME Controller. The micro:bit should be inserted firmly into the edge connector, ensuring that the micro:bit LED display is facing in the same direction as the front of the :GAME Controller.


  • A hand-held gaming solution for the BBC micro:bit.
  • Fully programmable on-board sound, directional buttons, fire buttons, and haptic feedback.
  • Breakout pads for adding shoulder buttons.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable game-play.
  • It can also be coded to be a controller for your buggy or robotics projects.
  • We have created custom code blocks for the MakeCode Editor that are available as an Extension to the editor.
  • The board features an on/off switch to power the board on/off or to act as a reset if the :GAME Controller is in an enclosure where the micro:bits own reset switch cannot be accessed.


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