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Om 3DE ABS Filament:

  • 1 kg
  • Size 2.85mm
  • ABS by 3DE Premium is tested comprehensively in house to make sure you print at the highest quality.
  • This filament has a more matte look and finish than PLA
  • The 3DE Premium ABS Filament is soluble in acetone, you can weld parts together this way.
  • ABS has a longer lifespan that PLA, it’s more impact resistant
  • 3DE Premium ABS has a high melting point so it’s ideal for machine or car parts.
  • ABS adheres well to Kapton tape, polymide tapeBuildTakGlass and with a heated plate (95-110C recommended)
  • ABS does require a heated build platform and you should ensure that your build plate is level, oil-free and clean.
  • Use ABS in a well-ventilated space.

Om 3DE ABS Filament:

3DE Prmium ABS is more flexible than PLA, which means it’s perfect for designs that have interlocking or pin connected pieces.

3DE Premium ABS filament has been comprehensively tested, so that is reliable and produces high quality 3D prints.

ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is a material that is widely used in both industry and as a well known material within 3dprinting. Most of you know ABS from the danish LEGO company.

3DE Premium ABS is a quite “easy” printable ABS. We have testet it on both Reprap machines, Zortrax M200, Ultimaker 2+ and model 3 and most Wanhao machines – all with success.

The 3DE Premium ABS comes on a black spool with 1kg og material on the spool. It comes in a vacuum bag with silica bags to ensure the quality of the filament..

The production of the filament comes from a state of art company which ensures a good roundness of the filament and insures the diameter of +/- 0.05mm.

All 3DE Premium spools comes in a transparent bag which can be re-closed when opened – this is a quite nice feature when you want to change the filament.



OBS! Alle 3DE Filamenter er med papspole.

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Army Grøn, Atom Grøn, Blad Grøn (mørk), Chokolade Brun, Dinosaur Grøn, Enhjørning Lilla, Flammende Orange, Gecko Grøn, Kirsebær Rød, Lavendel Lilla, Lilla, Lys gul, Læder Brun, Mørk Træ brun, Mørke Blå, Mørke Rød, Neon Gul, Normal Blå, Perlemor natur, Pirat Sort, Postkasse Rød, Signal Gul, Sikkerheds Orange, Skiffer Grå, Stål blå, Stenalder lys, Stenalder Mørk, Terminator Grå, Transparent Blå, Transparent Grøn, Transparent hvid, Transparent Orange, Transparent Sort, Transperant, Transperant Gul, Transperant Lysegrå, Transperant Rød

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