mBot Add-on Pack – six legged Robot

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The mBot add-on Pack-Six-legged Robot is a 3-in-1 add-on pack for mBot. By using 5 different kinds of mechanical parts from Makeblock platform in the pack, three robot animals can be created based on mBot, including “Beetle” “Mantis” and “Crazy frog”. Let your robots crawl and have fun!

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Key Features:

  1. 3-in-1 models: Beetles/Mantis/Crazy Frog
  2. 5 kinds of mechanical parts from Makeblock platform included
  3. Add-on pack for mBot

Part list:


  • Case 1 – Beetle

A six-legged beetle that moves quickly.
It turns around and attacks the enemy promptly!

  • Case 2 – Mantis

It quietly crawls, waving two arms disposedly.
It is the hunter from the darkness,
approaching you, and catching you…

  • Case 3 – Crazy Frog

A little crazy frog,
dashes around so madly that, nobody can stop it.

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